Hi, I’m Jimmy Hickey. I’m a statistics PhD student at North Carolina State University. You can view my CV here and my research here and more about me as a person below. In the posts section you will mostly see my homework solutions (let me know if you find any typos!). You can see some of my programming misadventures in the projects section.


  • Hitting tennis balls into nets
  • Frantically trying to speed run the New York Times Mini Crossword
  • Spending more time automating something than it would take to complete the task
  • Reading, realizing I didn’t retain anything from the last page, then re-reading

My more politically charged opinions

  • 0 based indexing > 1 based indexing
  • Dark theme > Light theme
  • Monospace > Variable-width
  • Oxford comma > No Oxford comma
  • $E[(X)^2] \neq E(X)^2$
  • $E[(X)^2] = E[X^2] > $ expectation of open parenthesis X squared close parenthesis $ > EX^2 > E(X)^2 $